So, you think your computer is slow and expensive? HAH!

A GFLOPS (i.e., a gigaFLOPS), is a billion floating point operations per second, and is a standard measure of the speed of calculation of computers.

These days you can put together, made from off the shelf parts, a computer that will run at almost 7 TFLOPS (teraFLOPS) – that’s 7,000 GFLOPS.  That amounts to $0.16 per GFLOPS.

Now, the year I was born, 1961, you would have had to spend $8.3 trillion (in 2013-adjusted U.S. dollars) to generate just 1 GFLOPS of speed.  That means that in the last 50-ish years, the cost of computing has decreased by on the order of one hundred trillion times.

So.  Stop complaining that your computer is too slow.  Instead, complain about how bloated modern software is.