How they sell condos in Milan

I was recently in Milan for a conference.  One day, while walking around one of the suburbs, I saw a new condo development. Near the street was a large billboard advertising the condos that were being built.

EcoCondoMilan2015Here’s the billboard.  The development is called ECOLife Nature.  Just above the rendering of the building is a well-placed logo indicating that the building is certified by Klima Haus, a variation/combination of LEED and Passivhaus eco-construction methods.

To the right of the rendering is a list of key selling features.  Translating:

  • earthquake proof structure
  • air-conditioned (because most buildings in Italy are so old they predate central A/C)
  • PV solar generation
  • Estimated power consumption 9.56 kWh/m2a (notice how precise they are, and how they expect their clients to actually understand units like kiloWatt-hour-per-metre-squared-year)
  • heated access ways and garage
  • remote-controlled shades and shutters
  • electric automobile recharging stations
  • green roof
  • lots of green space
  • guaranteed market value
  • fully warrantied mortgages
  • assumed land mortgage (i.e., the builder actually owns the land – there’s a bit of a problem in Italy of builders putting up homes on land they never actually bought….)

Notice the most important points – the points near the top of the list – regard safety, comfort, and sustainability.  The economics and financial stuff is relegated to the bottom of the list of “features.”

Question: Look at an advertisement in Toronto for condominiums.  Consider the differences.  What do you think that says about the differences of culture?

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