Here’s how bad plagiarism is

Dr. Chris Spence, the education director of the Toronto District School Board, has resigned after it was alleged that he plagiarized the work of others. ┬áSo let’s be clear: even the allegation of plagiarism can cost you your job. ┬áThat’s how serious it is.

If you’re not clear on what plagiarism is, refer to Ryerson’s website for an explanation.

In particular, with respect to MEC222, plagiarism includes:

  • copying a drawing or sketch from a book or the web and claiming it as your own;
  • copying a CAD file from another student or from the web and claiming it as your own; and
  • and all the usual types of copying described in Ryerson policy.

There is a zero-tolerance policy at Ryerson, and in MEC222, on all types of plagiarism.

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