Life lessons by Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin was recently awarded an honorary doctorate.  Here’s his address to the other recipients of PhDs from the University of Western Australia: Listen carefully: he’s completely right about all of it.  Thar be wisdom ‘ere!

Maths in design?

Some of you may be wondering how math figures into design. There’s lots of ways, but Prof. Terry Love does a particularly good job of describing one of those ways in a recent post to a design mailing list in…

An animal with gears

That’s right: there’s at least one critter on this planet that evolved gears as part of its body. Now that’s cool. See for details.

507 Mechanical Movements

Here’s an excellent FREE reference for mechanical engineers (and Mech students) working with mechanisms: 507 mechanical movements. One of my favourites is this reversible gear system.  Brownie points to those who can figure out how to make this work such…